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Our goal in teaching is to build a correct foundation in horse and rider so they can be quiet, calm, obedient and relaxed partners with confidence in each other.

No matter your discipline, English or Western, your success should be built on such a foundation. Whether you aspire to the show ring or just trail riding your pleasure and safety depend on it.

As teachers it is our responsibilty to employ a logical system that is based on continuous progress toward developing your partnership with your horse.

Let's give credit where credit is due. None of the ideas or techniques we use are original to us. They are a compilation from many different and varied sources. However, our purpose is to put forth a step-by-step approach that is logical where progress can be measured and to build on each preceding success, no matter how small.

No special "powers" are needed, just an understanding of the logic, a focus on purpose, and a commitment to success. Anyone who is willing can do it!