Karen Rohlf
Will Faebar
Read, learn, investigate, be courious, think and then think again, try. Don't let the fear of a mistake paralyze you. Sometimes mistakes are good ... they give you a perfect opportunity to try again.

Don't be satisfied with what you know. Look for more! Perhaps it's the same goal but brought to you in a different way. Check out Beth Baumert's "Principles Of Learning".

The following articles are presented to you as an introduction to these trainers and teachers. The words and ideas are theirs, not mine. The text was taken directly from their web sites. I share them with you in the hopes they will make you curious about our relationships with our horses.

Perhaps these ideas will give you a new place to start; a new beginning; a chance to "do over"!

The links to their web sites are in my links section and I incourge you to visit them and follow along with their teachings.
Marijke de Jong
Beth Baumert
Sarah Warne