Karen Rohlf
I put a strong focus on the quality of the conversations that I have with my horses. ... Lack of harmony is a disparity between the dream and the reality. ... Getting 100% allows you to say "Yes!" to your horse, as opposed to saying, "Well, that's pretty good, for us". ... Getting 100% isn't about 'right', 'wrong', or demanding perfection. It's about clarity and understanding. The question needs to be understandable, reasonable and possible for your horse to answer. You both must know what it will look like when he is successful. ...

Horses really do want to understand what we are asking them. They wandt us to be in the calm, confident state that occurs when we have harmony ... Trust your instincts.

What if every conversation could be like this:

(Human): "Would you ______?"
(Horse): "Yes! Did I do it enough?"
(Human): "Yes!"

As opposed to:
(Human): "Do this."
(Horse): "What?"
(Human): "THIS!"
(Horse): "You mean something sort of like this?"
(Human): "Kind of"
(Horse): "Well, do you want me to or not?"
(Human): "Well, whatever, that's pretty good, I guess, for us."

The key is to visualize what you are asking your horse. Know what success will look like. If they don't match your picture, get curious!