Beth Baumert
IMITATION ... is the most natural form of learning. Never watch bad riding. If you are unable to watch a great rider in person, watch online.

READINESS ... refers to the sequentail nature of learning. Barring extenuating circumstances, no one was ever a star at first grade and just couldn't handle second grade. The same is true of dressage levels. Training horses is quite scientific and sequentail.

REPETITION ... refers to the value of meaningful practice that builds muscle memory and understanding between horse and rider. Drill is, in contrast, meaningless repetition.

REWARD ... in dressage is usually a feeling. Lessons that give good feelin gs and leave the student with a good feeling are more likely remembered.

INTENSITY ... refers to aspects of your lessons that make the memorable: moments of humor, enthusiasm, demonstrations, analogies and personal esperiences.

SOCIAL LEARNING ... refers to the team spirit. Be sure the culture of your barn is supportive. There is tremendous power in well-wishing.